60 Days to Go

60 Days to Go

60 days to go until my Muddy Dog Challenge for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. My training plan is here. This just got real.


My training app says I have clocked up 399km since my training began back in January. Even taking off the 68k clocked up by the car ride when Mum forgot to turn it off, this is still an impressive distance and I feel pumped, primed and ready to take on the challenge.

Recently on a run I jumped in some mud. Voluntarily. Mum didn’t see it but is pretty sure I hadn’t realised quite how deep it was, knowing my reluctance to go wading in anything above belly depth. Still, she says this is an encouraging sign that come the day I will relish the muddy challenges before me and won’t tiptoe around the edges watching her wade through on her own.

I am not promising anything, although her suggestion of tying a treat to the tail of one of the fast dogs in front could work and perhaps I could be tempted to join in if snacks are involved.

Through my muddy efforts I want to raise enough pennies for Battersea to buy a record breaking stack of schmackos for all those pups needing a bit of tlc until they find their own forever sofas. Please help me make this a reality. Schmackos make everything better.

The schmacko giving link can be found here:

Much love
Ben xxx