Beagle Dog Holiday Blog - Day Five, Gwbert, St Davids, Cardiff

Beagle Dog Holiday Blog - Day Five, Gwbert, St Davids, Cardiff

I wake up with a sharp piercing noise in my ears. What’s that, an alarm clock? On holiday? Madness!

I am dragged out of bed at 8am but fortunately am fed breakfast which softens the impact of the early start. Apparently we have to check-out by 10am so Mum and Dad start putting our stuff in the car. This gives me a chance to make a final few raids on the bin and oversee the packing of my food.

Into Cliff we go and wave goodbye to Gwbert. We’ll be back, I never made it round all 11 beds or checked all the neighbours gardens sufficiently so I still have unfinished business.

We head to Poppitt Sands again before heading on the road back home. It’s even better than I remember from our visit earlier in the week. The sea looks a very very long way out so I feel safe walking all the way along the beach, playing and digging. How marvellous sand is – except when it gets up your nose and you have 10-minute-long snorting and sneezing fit which makes Mum and Dad laugh at me.

Even Chilli seems tired when we get back to the car and I can barely keep my lids open. So I don’t. While my private chauffeur drives me south I have a lovely long nap and don’t make a peep until our next stop.


Mum decides we won’t head straight home but will go via St David’s. I fully approve as it involves lunch. Here we visit Whitesands beach, have lunch at St David’s Delicatessen and find Porthclais harbour where we walk up onto the cliff top and Mum and Dad get scared so we come down again.


Back to the car we go. I snuggle down for the drive back home. On arrival at home I am pleased to see that my food has made it back too and am even happier to discover my basket. It's been alone all week and needs some serious attention.


Holidays are exhausting. Time to catch up on some serious snoozes. Night all, love Ben xxx

Until the next adventure......