Beagle Dog Holiday Blog - Day Four, New Quay

Beagle Dog Holiday Blog - Day Four, New Quay

It is raining when I wake up so I visit the garden, have breakfast, attempt a raid on the bin and then we all drink tea on the sofa while the weather clears up. Fortunately it dries up pretty quickly so I continue napping while Mum and Dad are getting dressed. I don’t know why they don’t just sleep with their fur on like I do. Humans are strange.

When we are all up we plan a drive up to New Quay and a walk along the beach. Mum and Dad both state how they’ve never been here before and then both promptly remember they have when we arrive. I don’t remember them bringing me here before. It must have been BB (Before Beagle). I like this place and I LOVE this walk. Boy do my ears go like crazy!


We walk as far towards Llanina point as we can before it looks like the sea is coming in, so we scuttle back before the tide cuts us off. I throw sticks around, hobble over pebbles and avoid Chilli the loon who is racing around catching her tennis ball and running in and out of the sea.


We’re out for a good 2 hours and then head back into the town centre where we have fish and chips from Captain’s Rendezvous. I say ‘we’ – in reality Mum and Dad are greedy and sit in the front of the car eating them while I stare at them from the boot. Not one chip passes my lips. Apparently they are bad for dogs. Not for beagles though I am sure of it.

After this we head back to the cottage. Mum takes us into the field to stretch our legs as we’ve been in the car for a while. And this is where the alleged ‘incident’ occurs. Now our cottage has a gate that leads into the field which we are allowed in. I have discovered that lovely smells and the odd nibble live in the grass. I have also discovered that some of the houses fronting onto this field also have lovely smells so decide to go wandering around one of the gardens. What makes it extra special is that they have a lovely decking area and hot tub – I have a good wander around it all. Mum seems agitated and constantly says ‘Ben, come here NOW’. She is so repetitive. The only way I will ever get Mum to stop this behaviour is to ignore it. I continue my exploration in full view of the people who live in the house who have lovely big windows and seem excited by my visit. I find out later that this is lovely Janine (the beagle loving lady) and her husband. I contemplate going up the side of the house but Mum looks like she’s going to explode so I figure I better go back to her, if only to stop the whiny nagging in my ears. Plus she is my main source of food so I better not upset her too much.

Hot tub time again, a nap on the sofa and into bed.