Beagly Shenanigans

Beagly Shenanigans

It’s been a while since I wrote to you all and life has been busy.

Many fun walks have been had – and the odd Top Secret Beagle Mission too, my favourite being my 2 kilometre rabbit run off-piste in my local woods. Mum seemed less keen about the adventure and spent days moaning about the scratches she had received, retrieving me from the undergrowth where I had decided was to be my new abode. I thought it most unfair of her to have followed me (damn my pesky tracker) and pulled me out, and then to insist I walk on my own four trotters the 3 kilometres back to the car. No consideration given to how tired I was, just lots of rumblings of how I’d ruined the walk. Such over exaggerations, I thought it was the best walk ever.

I must also report on my best kitchen raid yet. Thanks to Mum and Dad abandoning us, and lovely Jason coming to see us while they were out and forgetting to properly shut the kitchen door, I had a right old fun afternoon.  The bin got its usual full interrogation (standard), but my pièce de résistance included utilising the oven doors as steps to reach the top of the work surface where – joy behold – I found the remainders of the Christmas cake.

Delicious. I had an odd, and completely unrelated, uncomfortable stomach afterwards which took the shine off the whole affair but once I’d shrugged this off I revelled in my new found climbing and scoffing skills.

I’ve worked hard,

I’ve slept hard

and I’ve played hard.

Mum still insists on taking me running with her but this has its advantages – the schmackos she regularly deploys en route to ensure I am keeping pace for one.  New headgear has been made available to stop my ears working propeller style and making off with me in windy conditions, and I’ve dealt with snow, rain and sun in equal measures.

I have helped to reunite lost dogs and have done more charity work that a beagle thought possible, playing in fields and in the indoor dog park to raise money for Beagle Welfare and walking miles to support Many Tears Rescue Centre. Mum tells me it is important to help those who are still looking for their own Mums and I couldn’t agree more, even if she is an enormous pain to a beagle she is also my main source of food and therefore indispensable. Every dog deserves a crazy Mum.

I have discovered new fields to play in,

have continued with regular dishwasher duty and have been delighted at the addition of several new furry blankets spread around the house for my lounging pleasure.  

Soon I will be moving house and I have scoped out my new neighbourhood to make sure I approve. I have been delighted to discover many a fellow beagle also inhabits this area and I will be making sure to make friends and embrace the change. Mum tells me (with a look of fear in her eyes) that we will have an open plan kitchen but with an integrated dishwasher which will apparently be harder for me to open. I do enjoy a good challenge and 2019 will surely be the year I excel in proving Mum wrong.  Bring on the kitchen havoc.

Love Ben xxx