Beagle Dog Holiday Blog - Day One, the journey from Cardiff to Gwbert

Beagle Dog Holiday Blog - Day One, the journey from Cardiff to Gwbert

Thought holidays were supposed to be relaxing. Why then Mum decides to take me and Chilli for an early morning run goodness only knows. Apparently it will make us sleep better in the car for our journey west.

Back at home I have breakfast, check my food has been packed and jump into Cliff (the best cruising machine a beagle has found), ready for the adventure. My bed has found its way into the boot so I am extra cosy and spread out as much as possible, leaving Chilli a spare corner (I am always considerate).

We decide on the scenic route so head north from Cardiff to Brecon before turning west across the Brecon Beacons towards the sea and through lots of places I can’t pronounce because I’m a dog. Turns out Mum, Dad and Helen the sat nav lady don't have much of a clue either.

I don’t see much of the scenery as I decide a holiday nap is in order but we arrive a few hours later in a place called Gwbert which is very dark, windy and cold and makes my ears fly around.

Turns out Mum and Dad have found a damn fine holiday crib complete with open plan kitchen dining room, aka beagle heaven. I check out the bins, have a good sniff around, find out where Mum has stored my food (important recce for raids later on), relieve myself in the garden, introduce myself to my new holiday toys and settle down on the sofa with a tasty lasagne.


Feeling pretty sleepy after all this activity so I take my rightful place in the double bed, let Mum and Dad take the edges, and settle in for a restful night’s sleep.