Life in Quarantine

Life in Quarantine

What a funny world.

Once upon a time Mum and Dad used to go to work. No more. Now they lounge around all day at home allegedly ‘working’, living in their pyjamas and carrying out constant raids on the fridge. It’s like they finally found their inner beagle.

They no longer go out, we no longer venture out on adventures to new places in Cliff and all our walks seem to involve some kind of game where Mum and Dad hop into bushes whenever they see someone coming.

Odd behaviour for sure.

Thank goodness us beagles don’t have to socially distance. I am making up for their lack of contact by unsocially distancing with each and every dog I can find. Every dog is game for a game, if you know what I mean.

One positive is that I can keep an eye on Mum all day. Which makes breakfast and dinner times easier to monitor. Treats also seem to be fairly forthcoming with a mid afternoon Dentistix being incorporated into our new housebound routine, and I have been reassured that Mum is making sure there is a healthy supply of my food, should the need arise.

Thank goodness.

We’re glad we’re safe and healthy and we hope all our friends and family have the same fortune that we do.

Stay home, stay healthy and above all, stay beagly.

Love Ben 🐾