Lockdown continues....

Lockdown continues....

3 more weeks! 3 more weeks I have to put up with Mum and Dad hanging around and generally getting in the way.

Truth be told though i don’t mind it really but I do mind that we don’t go on such fun walks anymore. While I’m lucky to have a few fun parks and fields near my house, I do miss the woods further afield and the various top secret beagle missions which I used to be able to undertake. I wonder if the rabbits and foxes wonder where I’ve gone.

In the meantime, Mum tells me I should be using the time wisely to educate myself and to take the opportunity to relax and focus on my wellbeing. I have listened to this wise advice and have duly incorporated an extra nap into my schedule which does indeed make me feel much better about life. In terms of education, I have studied Mum and Dad carefully and now know how to open not only the freezer but the fridge as well. Next week I hope to be able to master the integrated dishwasher, my biggest nemesis since moving to our new abode.

Until next time, stay well people. Top tip for keeping entertained, check out the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo. Clever things, they’ve managed to rig up a webcam. Go visit them and give them a wave.

Love Ben 🐾