Muddy Dog Challenge Training Update. 177 days to go…..

Muddy Dog Challenge
Training Update. 177 days to go…..

So a beagle has been training hard. So hard. Since I started my training I have clocked up an impressive 154 kilometres! That’s 99 kilometres of walking and 55 kilometres of RUNNING. No wonder my legs feel shorter. I’ve done more too but Mum keeps forgetting to turn on the tracker.


In the weeks we run on the road but in the weekend we go to the woods. Now this is fun. My favourite woods are 6 kilometres in distance and have a range of smells and muddy puddles to sniff and roll in. I meet lots of other dogs too – Diesel the giant, Bailey the BESTEST FUN BEAGLE IN THE WORLD, and more besides.


Generally I hang behind for a good sniff and race to catch up as Mum and Chilli are about to disappear around the next corner but last week I beat both of them to the top of the steepest hill and recorded my fastest time yet. I was, as us athletic types say, 'in the zone'.

It’s not all roses mind. Sometimes there are days when a beagle is just not in the mood. Like the last time we went for instance. I was not feeling like running so insisted on walking most of it, ignoring Mum’s pleas of ‘Come on Ben!’. Except when I saw her hand going into the schmacko pocket. Suddenly I decided it might be worth keeping up with her after all.

Still. You can’t be a winner every day and generally I am enjoying my new muscular physique and athletic stamina. Everyone has an off day right?

Finally, Mum is talking about buying herself new running shoes but I hear no mention of new feet for me. Also the amount of baths I am currently being subjected to has increased significantly. Apparently I am too muddy when I return from the woods to jump straight onto the sofa and am forcibly shampooed and dried. The highs and lows of a beagles training routine.


More soon……