Meet Artie!

Meet Artie!

We get lots of questions about my head ❤️ So we thought we’d do a write up here so people can read up on my story.

I was born in September 2021 at a puppy farm somewhere in west Wales. At just 8 weeks old I was handed into Many Tears rescue centre with these marks on my head and a tear in my ear. No one knows what happened and the puppy farm certainly didn’t offer up an explanation.

Once Mum, Dad and Ben adopted me, they took me to my vets where i had a biopsy done to determine exactly what they were. The marks turned out to be cysts, and fortunately were all found to be benign.

They've never seemed to bother or hurt me, although they do occasionally get infected. Then they get a bit itchy and i have to wear my cone of shame to stop me scratching at them.

Because of this, over time our vet recommended that they be surgically removed, to prevent future infections, and over the course of the last 12 months this is exaclty what has happened.

Between March 2022 and May 2023, i had four separate procedures and am now finally cyst-free! The first cyst was removed at the same time that i had a growth on my shoulder removed (not related to the head cysts and also fortunately benign). The second i had removed while i was being castrated. The second two were done 3 months apart and my last operation was in May 2023.

There are a few scars and bumps from the various surgeries but with time these will all fade. Our vet has done such a fantastic job and has given me the best care throughout; our insurance company has been similarly fantastic in picking up the tab.

I've never known a life that hasn't included vets and procedures so am looking forward now to a life full of fun - and hopefully fewer medical issues, although i still plan on popping into my vets every year for my jabs and to give them kisses.

Here's to a happy future for a happy pup,

Love Artie