Norfolk Holiday Day One - Cardiff to Tacolneston

Norfolk Holiday Day One - Cardiff to Tacolneston

Off we trot on our holidays again. I must say, we are getting seasoned as travellers and once supervising our food had been packed, into the car me and Chilli jumped and off we went.

Dad opted for the M25 route which prompted much concern from both Mum and Dad and lots of ‘I knew it’d be busy’ comments. Why anyone chose to call this road a motorway rather than a car park is anyone’s guess but after we’d driven longer than the average beagle nap time (3 hours), we finally got moving again and pulled over at the Welcome Break at Birchangar Green. Here me and Chilli did our ‘business’, so did Mum and Dad, we all had a drink and a nibble and headed back in the car for yet more driving (better be one hell of a walk at the end of this is all me and Chilli could think).

3 hours later we arrived and boy what a place! Mum is starting to get the hang of this holiday cottage booking malarkey and this is the best holiday garden a beagle has yet discovered.


Mum says she booked it here and it is the best enclosed garden / dog friendly holiday accommodation she has ever found

Into the hot tub Mum and Dad jumped and then we all headed for an early night, shattered by our long drive.