We did it!

We did it!

We did it! Muddy Dog Challenge complete!


I have crawled through mud pits, swum through mud pits, swum through ball pits, climbed over a-frames and completed a doggy maze.


I ran like I have never run before but I drew the line at the fetch challenge so Mum had to complete the challenge of taking a tennis ball from one bucket and placing it in another bucket. This worked well as it kept everyone busy while I attempted a raid on the volunteer’s stash of snacks.

What a day.


Everyone seems very pleased with me. Mum seems so pleased with me that between you and me I may be able to get away with a bin raid before bedtime and I think, even if I did, she may still tell me how proud she is of me. It’s true. I’m a superstar. We raised an impressive £220 but together with all my doggy pals out on the course today we raised a whopping £40,000 for Battersea and we hope this will help them keep all those rescue pups full up with schmackos until their forever people pick them up.


Thank you to everyone who donated and thank you to Battersea for a cracking day #muddydogchallenge